About Us

Helping Businesses to Successfully Apply VR

Our Vision

5-10 years from now AR & VR will converge into a single device that will become the primary channel people interact with information and collaborate

with each other. 

Our Mission

Innovation is key to sustainable growth.

We help businesses create competitive advantage through successful

innovations by applying VR to

existing processes.

Meet The Team

We are part of the Progress Telerik product development team. As such, we are developers and it’s in our DNA to help other developers and businesses solve their challenges in an elegant and efficient way. We started our Virtual Reality journey 2 years ago and during that time we gained solid expertise in building VR line of business applications that improve existing processes in various industry verticals. During our journey we discovered that the VR ecosystem, although with huge potential, is still in its infancy and very few, if at all, business applications are developed.

We realized that prior to helping developers build VR apps faster, we need to first demonstrate the value of VR in various use cases, which will help the VR for business ecosystem grow.

Today, we are on a mission to help businesses create competitive advantage through successful innovations by applying VR to existing processes.

Georgi Atanasov

Director Software Engineering 

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Hristo Zaprianov

Senior Software Engineer

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Panayot Cankov

Principal Software Engineer

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Stefan Stefanov

Senior Manager, PM & PMK

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Deyan Yosifov

Senior Software Engineer

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Milena Asenova

Senior UX Designer

    Innovation is Our Passion

    Innovation is the process of creating value by inventing new methods to solve

    meaningful problems. The key factor in our work is to identify existing business areas

    and processes where Virtual Reality can be applied in a way that saves time and money.

    Our core principles focus on usability, practicality and clear business value.

    We embrace talking to clients to understand their needs as in better detail

    as possible and to provide solution that relieves the pain.

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