Healthcare: Diagnosis

Doctor-Patient Collaboration


Enable doctors to collaborate remotely with patients in an immersive way that helps them better understand a diagnosis and take an informed decision.


"No-shows" is a common struggle for the healthcare industry and it means that someone booked an appointment and didn't come because she is busy. Another common struggle is patients having difficulties to understand the essence of a diagnosis and why a specific treatment is prescribed.

The prototype application joins a doctor and a patient in a virtual medical room and simulates the Pulmonary Embolism diagnosis. The doctor uses data visualization and realistic human model to explain the diagnosis to the patient. This way the patient can better understand the urgency for immediate surgery treatment and the almost bloodless nature of the procedure.


Real 3D Model

Stereoscopic 3D is a technique that produces human-realistic 3-dimensional experience to the observer. By viewing to a real 3D model, the patient can easily understand the diagnosis and its emergency.

How VR Adds Value


Remote Collaboration

No-shows risk is greately reduced by allowing patients to be virtually present together with the doctor. Unlike phone calls and 2-dimensional video meetings, the immersive experience of VR simulations create realistic sense of "being there" from remote locations.


Informed Decision

Patients can now better understand the diagnosis and the prescribed medical surgery, which is almost bloodless and risk-free.

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