Mining: Training

Complex Training Made Easy


Provide an effective and efficient way to train complex machines operators, without the risks of damaging equipment and environment while eliminating the safety and health risks completely.


Instead of enabling physical environment to train machine operators, which implies safety and cost risks, VR can be used to simulate the entire training process.

The application visualizes a world-scale Komatsu Dumping Truck 3D model, and allows the observer to walk around and inside the machine to gain understanding about its dimensions, parts and control cabin. To better engage participants in the experience,  several predefined places of interest are defined. They can be used as teleport beacons and enable quick and motion-sickness-free experience.


Realistic Model

Stereoscopic 3D is a technique that produces realistic 3-dimensional experience to the observer. By viewing to a real 3D model, the trainee can build proper visual memory for the world dimensions of the machine.

How VR Adds Value


Safe and Risk-free

The entirely virtual simulation, yet realistic, eliminates any safety and equipment damage risks. It also saves the cost on preparing physical training environment which can be huge for complex machines.


Muscle Memory

By performing the needed physical gestures during training, the trainee, besides the visual memory, will also build muscle memory that can later be applied to a physical machine.

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