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Discovering VR for Business — an INSPIRED update from VRLabs

Disclaimer: This is a cross-post from the original post on our Medium Publication. Our future blog posts will be published here and optionally cross-posted on Medium.

We’ve Been Inspired

End of May this year, we had a training. A training that turned our point of view and thinking at 180 degrees. It was based on the “INSPIRED — How to Create Tech Products Customers Love” book by Marty Cagan.

Since then we re-assessed our approach to VR and redefined how to further develop our endeavor. The most important takeaways from this book for us are:

  • Nothing important happens in the office

  • Our opinions, although interesting, are irrelevant

In other words -  if we want to create a valuable product for VR, we must find real clients and talk to them, BEFORE we create a product. This is what the book calls “Product Discovery”. Of course, the process of product discovery is built upon multiple steps and risk assessment, but in essence, there is little to no chance for you to create a valuable product unless you validate it with customers prior to any real development.

A New Website is Born

Following the best practices of the Inspired methodology, we created this site, entirely dedicated to VR, that we believe will enable us to have more streamlined conversations with people about how VR can add value to different business processes.

If you’ve been planning to start exploring VR for business, you can start by exploring our new site. One of the top reasons that make VR ideal for business, is that this is an early market and still an uncharted territory — the perfect setup for future-looking companies to create competitive advantage and innovate on existing processes.

Why a New Website?

To better streamline the process of discovering new prospects, we needed a focused landing page. While our existing page on www.telerik.com is excellent, it brings some distraction to people new to the Telerik and Progress brands, and who come solely for VR. As a rule of thumb, when you explore new products in a new ecosystem, you should not force people to learn more about your existing brand than needed.

What Happens With Our Plans for DataViz and Developer Tools?

Our efforts in this direction remain unchanged. While building real VR simulations for various businesses, we will generate a set of reusable components that are fundamental for most of the applications. As an example, some such, already existing, components are:

  • Networking (multiplayer) with VoIP, avatars, gestures and 3D models import/collaboration

  • Drag-and-drop laser pointers, 6-DoF hand gestures and 3D object interaction

  • DataViz components like Charts and Graphs

  • Hand-based interactive menus

  • More…

If you are building something for VR and a set of developer tools would prove handy, please let us know and we will get back to you with an early preview package.

Interested to Talk VR?

We want to hear from you! We have ton of ideas and many PoC applications about how VR can add value to businesses, but it is your requirements that matter on what a VR application needs to do. So let’s partner in this journey.

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