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VR is Already Here and its Future is as Bright as it Gets

VR is Here Today

Oculus Connect 6 launched with a great keynote. We really love the excellent blend of practical new features coming and the inspiring vision that Facebook tell. They envision that VR & AR are the technologies that will be the foundation for the next computing platform. They reached the impressive $100,000,000 spent in Oculus Store, which is a strong indicator for growth of the entire ecosystem. 20% of this revenue belong to the Quest device alone - another strong indicator that solid stand-alone VR is what people need to start the adoption.

New Strong Features Coming Soon

Facebook are steadily laying the foundations of the next computing platform. While being future-looking in a very inspiring way, they also make critical updates and upgrades both to the technology and the ecosystem.

Here are the newly announced features that we can immediately apply to our work, and that will improve dramatically the experience for our development workflow and for our customers:

Oculus Link

What this feature does is to enable an Oculus Quest device to tether games from a gaming PC - similar to its brother, Oculus Rift (S). This also means that we can develop and iterate much faster by testing our work directly through #Unity's Game window, without the need to build and deploy an APK package, which is a lengthy and CPU-expensive procedure.

Hand Tracking

The best way to interact with digital content is to use what's natural - your hands. This will be a huge incremental next step in VR interaction. Reducing the hardware needed to complete a business process significantly lowers the adoption barrier.

Oculus for Business

We are already working with a partner on applying a use case to an organization and the existing method of deploying is simply not working at scale. Oculus for Business is fundamental for enterprise adoption, and based on its list of features, it fits perfectly in our work.

A New Quantum Leap Awaits

If you are wondering if #VR is the tech behind the next computing platform, then we recommend the keynote part of Michael Abrash - the Chief Scientist of Oculus. To us, it is highly inspiring and, while not promising anything, Michael shows stuff that Facebook Reality Labs are already doing and have working prototypes of.

Watch the update from Michael Abrash here:

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