DataViz: Geospatial Data

Retail Distribution Insights


Enable areal and regional managers in a retail distribution business to efficiently track the performance of each store and individual distributor by location.


Retail distribution is facing a common challenge to efficiently track their health of the business metrics. Data is multi-dimensional and different parts are tracked in different software. It becomes even more difficult to build solid collective understanding of this data.

In this application data is presented in two different multi-dimensional forms - a geospatial map with elevation, plotted on a table, and a 3D bar chart for each tracked location. Optionally, the observer can select a store and drill-down to its interior for better analysis of the arrangement and performance of the individual distributor that works in this store.


Realistic Data

Stereoscopic 3D is a technique that produces human-realistic 3-dimensional experience to the observer. This takes data readability to a new dimension and allows comprehensive understanding of complex business data.

How VR Adds Value


Engaging Collaboration

Monitoring data is now an experience, not a boring remote meeting with 99% of participants doing something else. Everyone feels physically together with the rest of the people on the call.


Data In Your Hands

Data manipulation is as realistic as it is a living thing. Walk around, zoom, scale, view from different angles - all at the distance of your hands.

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