DataViz: Sales Dashboard

Complex Data Made Easy


Enable business owners to efficiently monitor the pulse of their business and build deep collective understanding of performance-critical data with their teams.


Visualizing Big and Wide data is a challenging task. Today's best practice is to pass data through multiple transformations and make it readable in the 2-dimensional space.

The "Sales Dashboard" prototype application joins multiple people together in a virtual meeting room. A 3-dimensional dashboard of sales data is plotted through 6 different 2-D and 3-D charts. All charts share the same data context and allow for comprehensive monitoring of 18 different dimensions of the data simultaneously. Our patent-pending "See through presenter's eyes" technique enables each participant to monitor the data in exactly the same way as the presenter .


Realistic Data

Stereoscopic 3D is a technique that produces human-realistic 3-dimensional experience to the observer. This takes data readability to a new dimension and allows comprehensive understanding of complex business data.

How VR Adds Value


Engaging Collaboration

Monitoring data is now an experience, not a boring remote meeting with 99% of participants doing something else. Everyone feels physically together with the rest of the people on the call.


Data In Your Hands

Data manipulation is as realistic as it is a living thing. Walk around, zoom, scale, view from different angles - all at the distance of your hands.

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