DataViz: Twitter Graph

Social Network Insights


Enable marketing managers and event organizers build meaningful insights about connected groups of people on Twitter that relate to a tweet, retweet or promoted campaign.


The Twitter social network is a Graph data structure at an abstract level. People are the nodes and their relation with each other are the edges. Visualizing Twitter activity on a 2-dimensional screen is a tough challenge that yields hard to understand results for dense graphs.

By taking advantage of the real 3-dimensional space in VR, the Twitter Graph prototype application follows best practices for visualizing graphs: a) Nodes should not overlap and b) Edges should not intersect. The observer can now easily spot how people connect around an account and how they react to specific events.


Real 3D

Stereoscopic 3D is a technique that produces human-realistic 3-dimensional experience to the observer. This allows for dense graphs to be properly visualized by following best practices - nodes should not overlap and edges should not intersect.

How VR Adds Value


Engaging Experience

Monitoring Twitter activity is now an experience, not a boring daily routine. Observers can now better understand not only the total number of retweets and impressions but rather the people behind each activity and how they connect with each other.


Immersive Interaction

Observers are now physically part of the Twitter network. Navigate through different parts of the Graph, zoom into people's accounts and deep dive in their activity - all at the distance of your hands.

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